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Here is why privacy policy legal page is a must for your website.

sarahodoborsarahodobor subscriber Posts: 2 Member

A privacy policy is one of the most important legal documents on any website. It is a compulsory legal document that details your company’s views and practices on the information collected from your website visitors.

When we create our blog or website it is easy to overlook important steps we need to take to make our site legally compliant. We easily think certain legal documents are inconsequential for our site but what you may not be aware of is that your business runs the risk of being sued or subject to regulatory enforcement action if you fail to notify your visitors about the data you collect from them and to obtain the right level of consent.

To best protect your company from liability, you should have a lawyer-drafted privacy policy that covers all clauses and is tailored for your business. No matter what type of website you run, from the simplest website to e-commerce website, your website definitely does track information about every visitor, it automatically collects contents of log files kept as part of the operation of the site, it is your responsibility to inform your visitors about such tracking, you must seek their consent, and also let them know how you intend to use such information.

A privacy policy page serves to explain what type of data you collect from users (whether this is from cookies, location data, names, email, phone number, payment information, or user login data), what you do with this data, and how this data is protected. The data you collect may be requested by you or automatically collected with or without your knowledge. Since every website is unique, you should consult with a legal expert to determine what exactly you should include so you can be sure you’re complying with any applicable regulations and addressing any future liability concerns.

The biggest mistake you wouldn’t want to make is using standardized privacy policies found online or privacy policies that are automatically generated. These boiler-plate privacy policies often times will fail to fully protect your website if the need arises because each policy has to be tailored to the use of each individual website. Once again, seeking some preliminary legal advice and having a legal expert draft your privacy policy can really help you avert impending legal risk.

If you would like to have legal documents drafted for your website and business you can reach out to me.

Sarah Odobor


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