If your the only one who does what you do, how do you find what your customers want?

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Hi I'm Dave, 57, and still dreaming.

I'm establishing 501.c.3

It's about educating and entertaining my local community about the indigenous cultures of the Native Americans. We'll mainly use tribal members to present a positive image of their traditional culture (something many people don't know about); using storytelling, music, and portable indigenous dwellings (e.g. a 3 foot high tepee.)

Sure libraries, accounting offices, museums, and schools might want this service, but for what reasons will they want what we do? What niche will be fulfilling? And why would they want us? Yup, it's about targeting your market.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.


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    Thanks for this interesting information.

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    I have been in the Vehicle tracking system business for the last 5 years and I found out that direct interaction and cold calling is the best way to get to know the requirements of your lead at the initial level.

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    If it is non-profit, you need to complete many models for others to evaluate and explain! If it is profitable, you need to introduce your profitability in more detail! Yes, it is to introduce your products to your customers! And through the people who are interested in your product to expand the influence, at the same time some network marketing methods are needed! Increase visibility and expand influence!

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