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looking for a partner in a Clean Tech startup

ramnusramnus subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hello! I am an innovator and inventor from Russia, PhD. I have a technical idea for mechanisms for generating electrical energy using plants. There are several options for mechanisms that will use the properties of plants to absorb moisture or sway in the wind to generate electricity. Normally vegetating plants, cultivated or wild, will be connected to a special mechanism, the design of which is the idea of the invention. And the bodies of plants will be purposefully modified to be able to interact with a specific mechanism (one of several options).

The innovative technology for generating electricity using perennial plants can be widely implemented all over the world, preferably in regions where plants grow year-round.

Innovative devices can be used in the process of biological reclamation of degraded lands. Biological reclamation can be carried out at landfills of solid household waste, on dumps of large-tonnage waste, in the territories vacated after the completion of oil or gas production, when planted perennial plants enrich the soil with nitrogen and prevent erosion by forming sod. Аccording to the invention, these plants can generate electricity concomitantly.

Salt-tolerant plants can be used in dry areas with desertification, salinization of lands.

The innovative technology for generating electrical energy can be used in human settlements on other planets in the future. There may be no winds, rivers, there may be a lack of solar energy, so it will not be possible to generate energy in traditional ways for the Earth. The invention will make it possible to generate electricity using greenhouse plants, at least for lighting them and ensuring the possibility of photosynthesis.

I am looking for a like-minded person in Europe or North America, a person who is somewhat interested in environmental issues and can become a member of my innovation team. I need a like-minded person to create a clean-tech startup in the field of alternative energy together. This person will be an equal co-founder and co-owner of the project. Тhe functions of the participants will be divided in a startup: I will perform the design and scientific experiment, and I also need a project manager, a resident of the EU, who will become the face of the project and will deal with communication with startup accelerators in Europe.

Now, when I only have an idea, and there is no team, no prototypes of the devices, I cannot apply to startup accelerators or venture capital funds for funding. To begin with, I need to start communicating with people via the Internet so that a team of like-minded people is created.

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