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How do I write the first letter with an offer to be a reseller?

StannisBStannisB subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi guys,

I’m nothing, but a young seedling looking to break out through the hardships of starting your own business and blossom like a sunflower. Why a sunflower you ask? Well, I’m raised by a single mother that has done her best to raise a bum like me. She never stopped smiling working 2 jobs at times, even when I knew it was hard, she always encouraged me to be a giving person. Kindness is the quality of the strong, is what I learned from my mother.

Honestly, I am aware that I am in fact still weak and dumb, but I am working to change that. I read for about 2h daily and do research, but I’m lacking experience. It’s difficult, however I am determined to try and I won’t quit until my mom can finally rest. I need some help though.

Currently I am an exchange student in China, working part times and saving as much as possible.

After living like a Spartan for a long while and looking for opportunities, making connections- I finally made a friend in China that introduced me to an ”online store business model”. She Is selling mostly clothes through different apps , takes pictures by herself, online marketing, all that to run an online store. We live in different cities far away from each other, but I do still get some advice.

I’m currently looking to set up my own online store selling some clothes. I have already found the brands that I want to sell. Most of them are small local brands in the west. There is a demand in China and a huge potential. I did some research on marketing, checked a good camera for pictures, models, taxes, import/export, strategy and more. I now at the first and most vital step. If I can’t the companies to cooperate with me and give me a good price, its all pointless.

I want to email the companies asking for partnership, to be an official reseller. I am not sure how should I write that first letter. Should it be personal or professional. Should I register a company and write from a company’s name? Should I be honest and say that am a beginner or ask someone experienced to be a part of the deal? I saved around 10k USD so I can’t make to big of a offer at the start. I do realize that companies want to make money, that friend informed me that she did approach with request to resell and most of these companies that just ignored her. They don’t however have any official store in China, only small resellers there and there.

If you read so far, thank you. I appreciate any solid advice.

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