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privacy policies for websites

kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
edited July 2007 in Thought Leadership
As some of you know I recently redid my website. I was checking it out the other day and received a phishing warning. ABOUT MY OWN SITE! I use IE7,  for my browser. Anyway, when I went to report it, I couldn`t because I don`t have a privacy policy on my website. I have been searching on SuN for something on privacy policies and haven`t found anything. I have done some research on the web, but thought some of the members on SuN might have some insight into privacy policies. Any thoughts?


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I am not clear about your question. Are you looking for example privacy policies (one example)? Or are you asking to discuss some of the concerns a privacy policy alleviates? If I still don`t have it right, please explain it to me again.Thanks.
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Actually, I have found a few examples, but I think I need to know what problems it can help alleviate. One thing is, Can I put in a disclaimer stating that I am not responsible for any email address other than [email protected]? The reason for the disclaimer is that I have had problems before with, I guess you would call them cybersquatters, they would use a different name like [email protected] and send out spam. The reason I know this , is that I would receive all the emails that wouldn`t go through.I know I should have a distinct email address, but I just reordered my business cards and small magnets, so I can`t go and change it now. Also, is there anything that I need to make sure I put in or don`t put in?  I appreciate any help you can give me. Nice privacy policy. It`s not too long and gets to the point. I didn`t know that you were in CA.Even though you are at the other end from me. Once I went to your  link ,I realized I have been on your site before. Anyway, I tend to get too wordy, so I do know that my policy needs to state exactly what it does. Thanks, KarenKaren
  • pepperlegalpepperlegal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Karen,The primary purpose of a privacy policy is to let your users know how you treat personal information they disclose to you, including their email addresses.  It should indicate how you protect this information, if you use cookies or other tracking code, and under what circumstances would you disclose their personal information.In the event a user believes that their personal information has been compromised or disclosed, a privacy policy can set the appropriate expectations of the user.  Also, a privacy policy should work in harmony with a website`s terms of use (and ultimately, should be incorporated by reference into those terms).  These documents form a binding contract between your company and your users, and can limit your liability and exposure.
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    I posted one on my website. www.myuniquebaskets.com I hope I made it clear and touched on the points I should have. I don`t believe my website uses cookies, and I don`t believe I have any encryption, but no one`s information goes through my site. No payments, no addresses, credit card numbers, etc. since I have paypal. and I don`t use backend operations. The only place where they type in any information is on my contact me page, which requires a name and email address if they want a reply.
  • Victor363Victor363 subscriber Posts: 2
    People are paranoid, they don`t trust your website - even though it is innocent and could not be otherwise.I know for a fact that Google`s landing page algorithm penalizes sites without a privacy policy - I guess the guideline is now no longer confined to e-commerce.Good luck,VictorPS: I was going to post a picture on this thread, telling you where to insert your privacy policy for maximum effect. But since this forums apparently doesn`t allow the insertion of pictures, I give you a link instead.
  • kkrafts58kkrafts58 subscriber Posts: 12
    Thanks, Victor. I`ll check it out.
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