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Keep you guys going..Motivation What do you do?

retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3
Okay, I don`t know whether somebody already has the same topic or not but if it does, please let me know where it`s.
I`m just wondering as a fellow entrepreneurs, how do you guys keep motivating yourselves? Especially you know when you get up from your bed early in the morning?(We all know that we have a busy schedule and we all have priorities, sometime we feel we just want to sleep in) How do you say to yourselves to get up and get going? (don`t get me wrong here, I love what I`m doing and I`m sure all of you too)
Second, how do you keep up with your daily activities during the day? I read on the Inc. Magazine, Dec 2007, Elon Musk (co-founded PayPal) "consumed eight cans of Diet Coke a day, as well as several large cups of coffee" What about you guys? What do you guys do to keep moving during your busy schedule? I have been drinking Red Bull to keep moving and Someday I know it`s going to hit me real bad...well in the meantime I just have to keep going right?
Alright I think that`s all for right now. Keep it moving!!2Busy4Errands1/15/2008 11:06 PM


  • RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    Motivation is intrinsic. Nobody will be externally motivated for any length of time; i.e. hold a gun to my head and i will keep working for you, take the gun away and I am no longer motivated to work for you.
    Behind every corporate objective is a personal objective.
    What is(are) your personal motivation(s) for what you do?
    Coffee is a wonderful brew. I have a cafe quality machine at home (I work from home); but drinking gallons of it in the expectation of working longer is a fallowed effort (as you eluded to yourself).
    Personally, I measure my success by outcomes rather than time involved. And sometimes, I will take time out and go do something social, knowing that when I get back to work I will be time constrained, but it marvellously focuses my attention and the work is done in less time. The bonus being I enjoyed some down time also.
    Treat yourself and your body well. I have always found the work will still be waiting for you when you get back. The better you treat yourself the better you will work! Guaranteed.
    There is an article I had published in the "Work from Home" magazine on my website ("Motivation: How to go beyond the hype to results") regarding motivating staff, which is not your question, but may be of assistance to others here who happen to employ.
    It is in the "Free Articles" section of my website. Navigation buttons on the left hand side.
    RicWillmot1/16/2008 8:18 AM
  • retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info. Great stuff!!
  • RC4URC4U subscriber Posts: 1
    Good evening, I agree with Ric, your health is the most important thing that matters.  I run 3 differnt busineses rght now. I have set a side a schedule for each one and I have every Sunday off.  I don`t care what`s going on, I do not leave my home on my day off for no one and I had to train myself to not move.  Create a schedule and stick to it.  Take time off, schedule specific days and hours that you will and will not work, othrwise you will burn yourself out.
    Good luck to you. 
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    My motivation is simple. I do what I do because I love it and I choose not to take the alternative. There are times, many times that it becomes very overwhelming but I work through it, find solutions and persevere.
  • retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3

    That`s a great suggestions. What about during the work days? Don`t you sometime feel overwhelming and tired, what do you do you to keep you moving?
    Like I said to RC4U what about during the day? I mean I`m pretty sure you feel tired and don`t want to do anything else on the hand you have ton of works. What are you going to do? See when you said solutions, what kind of solutions?
    Anyway, great input...
  • RC4URC4U subscriber Posts: 1
    Well, like Stoneledge said, make sure that your are doing what you love to do, otherwise you should be working a J.O.B.  Everything that I do, I LOVE!  When you are doing working your hobby or somethng that you have passion for then you don`t really get burnt out because it`s apart of who you are.  Example, in everything that I do, I help people; helping people and making people happy defines who I am therefore I make sure that whatever I`m doing I`m working with people and making them happy.  Bottom line, DO WHAT YOU LOVE, and MAKE SURE THAT IT LOVES YOU BACK!!! 
  • RC4URC4U subscriber Posts: 1

    "Achievement seems to be connected
    with action. Successful men and
    women keep moving. They make
    mistakes, but they don`t quit." - Conrad Hilton Another thing that I do is keep myself motivated is read different motivational phrases or quotes.  If you`d like I can send you a link to different quotes and phrases.  I also have post-it notes throughout my house with motivation or scriptural messages and reminders for myself.  If I`m looking in the bathroom mirror, I have a quote posted there to give myself a boost etc....  Money, people, your business will be there, enjoy the day for the day.  Do what you can today, as long as you do good, prosperity will come to you anyways.  My email is locatlon if you need to chat. Have a Great Day!

  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Solutions to obstacles I face may be...the same project or process of it...I may not feel as motivated to work on or complete with the same enthusiasm as others. What I do is the same when I wash the dishes. I do the hard to do first when my energy is at it`s best, then when my energy is starting to run low I am already onto projects I seem to be happier to complete and it takes less energy, has less frustration and I am able to complete my tasks for the day. I always keep a task list. I also set a time to my tasks and set milestones for larger projects. This gives a sense of accomplishment, I keep organized and I run myself in less tiring circles with little or no results. Being in charge of yourself, takes dedication but like Nikole mentioned, i also have been chronically tired for a couple of years. It is part of business. I have only so many resources, so much time, so much money. I can choose to remain where I am and be more lax or push myself while I am young and capable so that later on I can see the returns of my hard work paying off. I love to work but at times, you do have to "shut down" the business brain and just chill out...leave it behind. this helps to regroup. I love after 8 pm. I may still work a little but for the most part I am just chilling out. I spend time with my daughter, my husband, my pets and either read or watch something on TV that i enjoy. Alot of times I will go to bed, wait for everyone to be sleeping and I get up and work a couple of hours on things that may interest me that has nothing to do with the tasks at hand in my business. This is "me time". I don`t sleep much and I definitely could use some time away from the desk to exercise.....but right now...I have chosen to work my tail off until I either can afford more resources to help me or get to the point where I can take a break and things are running more on there own. It`s a hard and competitive game...life...business..but I am in it to do my best and because I love what i do I will do what it takes to get it to where it needs to go. Believe me, times get tough. I have more going out them coming in and I have made many sacrifices that I never thought I would have to. I have made these choices because I am motivated in every way to do whatever I have to to be successful. I also am not driven by money. I am driven by the belief in my product/services. I believe that I can genuinely help folks and that the harder I work the more people that can benefit. My passion is my work, my life is my work, my belief system has helped me build my company and help folks. My motivation is driven by being grounded in who I am, what I believe in and my passion for it.
  • retiredmember3retiredmember3 subscriber Posts: 3
    Wow, really great inputs guys.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I know, I know Craig...sleeping is healthy for me..in every way. I will work on it! I am already at my limit with 9 employees until Febuary when I will add a project manager on, so i can leave that role for that dept. I am also moving so i can free up a little more time and money. I do have to admit, if I slept more I would feel more inclined to do my workouts and would probably be more fit. You are right, just seem to be onto this routine right now. I don`t mind it..but it doesn`t make it right.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Thanks Craig for making me smile... I slept a full 8 hours...maybe more last night!! I feel great. And because I usually get up after laying in bed for a while, i put on a "drift away to sleep" cd..which did the trick.
  • dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    Motivate- "to provide with a motive".
    Motives are things like needs and desires that stir us to action. They can be positive or negative. What I have found is that internal motives are the healthiest and longest term for me, as opposed to external, i.e. stimulants, incentives, etc.
    What is my passion, my dream? What makes my heart pump and gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning? One thing I am passionate about is ski racing. Even at fifty I can still ski fast because of my years on the pro ski tour. I joined a local race series and though it adds to my schedule, the motivation I get from it makes me more alive and productive in everything else.
    Then there are the negative (pain) motivations. These are just part of life. Like my two boys starting an expensive private college at the same time. My goal is to become debt free and I had to borrow some more money to help out. Now I have one more reason to go to work.
    I prefer the positive to the negative, but truthfully pain can be the stronger motivator of the two. We all move pretty fast and with a lot of energy when we`re trying to get away from the fire!
  • nolimits2wealthnolimits2wealth subscriber Posts: 1
    I plug into my mentors everyday, their enthusiasm and personal devolepment drives me more and more.
    One other thing I have done is basically begun a media fast, this is I do not watch TV,listen to the radio, so I can control the positive stuff that I wish to be hearing and watching, my cd player in my car has my mentors audio cd`s running continuously and I read self developement boofs before bed, currently reading(again) `Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. That book alone is enough to keep any individual motivated.
  • unlimited22unlimited22 subscriber Posts: 1
    Although I am a coffee drinker, it is not a motivator. It implies a sense of  chemical dependency.  I believe we all know the end to that. Even a great like Michael Jackson succumbed to it.

    I find that doing something that uplifts you (whatever that means to you) such as good music, meditating, jumping up and down, visiting a museum, establishing a mastermind group, or reading success books and stories on a regular basis is VERY helpful in motivating.
    Good luck!
  • bablubablu subscriber Posts: 0
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