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Design for a website

RequiemRequiem subscriber Posts: 9 Member

Do you design your websites on your own or you prefer to outsource it? Many people recommend using various templates, master Canva and WordPress and that's why I feel I do something wrong. I'll explain.

At the moment I work with Awesomic subscription service and I find it quite beneficial. They offer decent quality and the prices aren't huge. Previously I worked with designers on full payroll and with freelancers. When I tried doing things on my own I did everything quite poorly. I didn't like the result at all but since people around me keep talking about doing it all on their own I feel I lose money in vain.

So, my question may sound a bit naive but I want to make it finally clear. Is design outsourcing a good idea for not huge enterprises or it's possible and more beneficial to get by without it? Should I spend time and money to learn all these things or not?


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    MattGGBMattGGB subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Coming from the perspective of a software design agency, I'll give my thoughts.

    Software design in general has become more and more accessible. There are a number of sites, especially for web design, and free software that allow you to get creative and start to put a design together.

    We encourage our clients to give the designing a go, it gets you thinking about what the end design could look like and the functionality you want to include.

    Where a professional designer will make the difference is in incorporating best practices, designing sites in a way that attracts the users to the right sections of the site, and driving them ultimately to your product or service.

    Finding a designer who also has technical experience will help ensure that the design that is agreed on is actually possible and can be used by all users, regardless of potential limitations (device / platform etc..)

    Back to our experience, a large proportion of our client base have come to us after attempting to design and build a website themselves, using these nice cheap and easy sites. What they have found is that they don't get the level of conversion that they were expecting or the eyes on the site they wanted. Their site ends up going stale.

    My final recommendation would be, unless you're designing something super simple, go ahead and try yourself. Otherwise, get the experts in!

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    Sambrown2108Sambrown2108 subscriber Posts: 32 Bronze Level Member

    Design for your website depends upon your niche, and what kind of audience you want to target. Designing of the website is quite easy with the sites like WIX and Wordpress. Or you can also hire a website designer or a website design company that will help you guide properly.

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    KimiKimi subscriber Posts: 25 Bronze Level Member

    Thanks for this case. I also have the same solution!

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    KimiKimi subscriber Posts: 25 Bronze Level Member
    edited October 2021

    The most effective way to software development is the generic approach. It s a common sense approach that would ensure your software is usable, adaptable and user-friendly. The generic approach is an ideal choice for businesses which do not have the luxury of selecting a single application for their customers. At the same time, it is the simplest and the least time-consuming way to develop software.

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