Who wants my brokerage company for free?

ScotScot subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi guys, a few months ago I opened a Forex and CFD brokerage company and

I have already paid several tens of thousands of dollars for the entire service for a whole year

(I know it's stupid, but I was in the euphoria of earning). 

The fact is that I cannot attract traffic to my business (website) and I don't want to continue with this business any more.

So, if someone has a desire to take and develop this business I am ready to give it to you for free.

The whole operation is already working and integrated to all necessary services.



Trading terminals: MetaTader 4, WebTerminal, Mobile iOS and Android.

Payment solutions for client deposit: Credit Cards VISA/MasterCard, Wire Transfer for B2B and C2B, Crypto.

CRM to manage the clients.

MetaTader 4 Manager.

The company is registered on Marshall Island.

Who are interested please contact me on email

[email protected]

Thank you and Good Luck


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