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Looking for foot traffic data of retail shop competitors.

StoreOwnerLAStoreOwnerLA subscriber Posts: 2 Member

Hi all,

I have a retail shop and I've read some articles on how you can use foot traffic in your local business to analyze and optimize your business. I've seen some foot traffic data providers but they seem to be more enterprise focussed. I just need basic data to see at what time of the day / week my shop is most quiet and busy. I can use my POS data for that, but I'm mostly interested at what time nearby competitors having more or less foot traffic data.

Using this data I could optimize my store promotions. E.g. only promote when my competitors also have a lot of visitors.

Does anybody know any services that might be able to help me with that? Preferably an automated way.


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    StoreOwnerLAStoreOwnerLA subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Meanwhile I found some options. I could hire some students to count visitors at my competitors’ store. This is most accurate but in the long-term costing me a lot.

    As an alternative, I found the web app BestTime.app . They provide foot traffic data forecasts for retail stores etc, but BestTime.app doesn’t provide absolute visitor numbers. This is accurate enough for me to see when my competitors have the most/ least amount of foot traffic. So far I can use the data for free using their demo. They also have a software API for more advanced use-cases.

    Any other suggestions?

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