Does anyone know where the startup industry is heading?

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew Tabit. I've been Technology Entrepreneur & Lean Startup Practitioner for more than 10 years. Also, I am an Advisor at ATV. Now I see my mission to help non-tech founders to build MVP without developers and code. So that is the reason I've become a founder of the ultimate no-code tool. As a CEO at MVP Now Studio, we help startups with their business cases to build MVP without code, and we think that is the future.

What do you think? Which no-code platforms have you ever used?



  • JaeCandidJaeCandid subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hi Andrew,

    A no-code tool sounds a bit interesting and I'm sure would help out a lot of non-IT small business owners who has to wear many hats. Can you explain a bit more about no-code and MVP? Was the no-code tool created to build websites? What does MVP mean?

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