Support when you feel like you are failing?

rawforsurerawforsure subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I've found so many forums about success and 'how tos' in business, but what about when you are going through an emotional crisis from starting a business and no one around you seems to understand your plight? I'd really like to speak to other business owners about this. I've recently launched my business and nobody is using it. I feel like such a failure. I've barely given it any time to blossom though before I started feeling depressed. As a business owner, there are so many pressures. There is pressure to be optimistic to your employees and investors. It doesn't leave many places where you can break down and reach out for help. Do any of you guys have any tips on dealing with failure and how to keep going? How to keep your spirits up and that this is just part of the process.

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