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Three copywriting techniques that engage your readers and sell your offer.

ElahCopywriterElahCopywriter subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Copywriting is a salesman in print. It's the text you write to sell your product and service without you being physically there.

An example of copywriting is the text you see on billboard or the content on most websites.

Every business needs copy to survive, and it is vital to every business's success. Copywriting has the power to grow or break your business.

A poor copy will ruin your chances in sales and building relationships with customers. However, a good copy has the power to bring in sales and make people love your brand.

But how are you going to be sure you're writing a good copy? Here are three important copywriting tips you shouldn't miss when writing your next copy.

Be good with the headlines.

If you're writing for your website, blog, or sales copy, your headline will determine whether people will read the rest of your content. Nobody will read a text with a boring or vague headline. Your headline needs to captivate and entice people to continue reading. It should arouse their interest immediately that they can't help but read what you have to say.

An example of a good headline is this famous one by John Caples. They laughed when I sat down at the piano - but when I started to play.

This headline is powerful that it's difficult to resist reading the remaining text.

Your readers care about the benefit more than the features.

Don't tell your readers only about the features of your product. They are more concerned about how your product will benefit them. 

Instead of saying: We made this shoe from leather. You can say: This shoe is easy to clean and breathable, it prevents your feet from smelling because we made it from leather.

Make your readers feel understood.

The best way to connect with your readers is to make them feel you understand their problems. For example, let say you are selling guitar lessons. You should begin your copy by showing them you know the struggles of learning guitar as a beginner.

You can go like this: You've spent lots of time practicing guitar but not making progress. You start and stopped a dozen times. Maybe you even watched some YouTube videos on learning guitar, yet, your play sounds awkward. 

When people feel you know their problems or you were once in their shoes, it becomes easy for them to listen to what you have to say.

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