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Thinking of adding fulfillment services to my business

I have a small online business and ship every day.  Its craft supplies, sculpting supplies and such but since I am going to the post office every day, I have been thinking about adding fulfillment services so that other small businesses, especially those just starting, don`t have to jump in their car every day to get to the post office too.  I am thinking small items, to be truthful, something like cds, dvds, books, vitamin supplements, things like that - even pet supplies. 
Unlike many fulfillment companies, who just toss your items into a huge box with 4 air bags, I inspect each item to see what is the best packaging method.  Even the post office has suggested that I give shipping/packing instructions! 
So I guess, I am wondering if you all think the idea is possible?  Again, it would be located in my house till it grew to needing a warehouse. so only small items would be handled at first.  It would suppliment my business and give others the chance to have their items packaged and shipped every day.  Any and all advice, opinions are appreciated.
The Clay Alley


  • clayalleyclayalley subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you Molly for your advice.  And I thank you for at least writing something back to me.  Out of 27 views, you were the only one to write something!  Okay, so how do I get in touch with the small companies who would be interested in me doing their fulfillment.? 
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello Karen!
    It is absolutely possible.  As a matter of fact, my friend (and the company I currently use to do my order fulfillment) started out the exact same way (in her home).  There is certainly a need with us small businesses who have outgrown our own kitchen tables, but don`t yet meet the criteria for and can`t afford the big dog`s services (like UPS supply chain solutions).  Yes the need is there.  I know my friend got much of her business from forums like this and going where inventors and small business owners hang out. I got to know and trust her on a forum and she`s been my 1 and only fulfillment service ever since.  VERY best of luck!
  • EliyaMansonEliyaManson subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Velocityship fulfillment great service and couldn't imagine running our business without it. Offloading fulfillment to velocityship was a high-value decision that allowed our business to grow faster than if we had continued to warehouse and ship ourselves. Game changing.
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