What does a branding agency do? and How do I hire branding company?

vyasgiannettivyasgiannetti Mumbaisubscriber Posts: 3 Member

How branding agency make a branding strategy and what are the ways to find a branding agency?


  • ICSICS Rotterdamsubscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Most branding processes start with strategy or 'discovery' sessions. In order for a branding agency to be able to develop a good brand strategy, it needs to have a clear view of the organisation first, as well as the values and motives that thrive the company. Subsequently the agency needs to learn more about the market and the customers in order to be able to come up with different proposals.

    Actually, there are a lot of informative videos on Youtube that explain the branding process. You could have a look at the channel of 'The Futur'.

    Oh, and to find a branding agency: Google is your friend. 😉

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