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Books on what is needed to start an online business

KGXOKGXO subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Share some good books you have read on starting a business.


  • Michael BinnickMichael Binnick subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    edited February 2021

    Hi KGXO! I am in the process of beginning my journey as an entrepreneur, and I started out super lost and confused about how I was going to go about doing it. After researching what other people have found to be useful, I've now gone through a handful of books that I found inspiring, instructional, and have helped me focus on what I should be doing.

    The Millionaire Fastlane - MJ DeMarco

    MJ theorizes about 3 paths in life - the sidewalk (poverty), the slow lane (middle class), and the fast lane. He discusses how each path has a unique formula for wealth, and dissects why the sidewalk leads to poorness, the slow lane doesn't build wealth, and how the fast lane builds wealth. His definition of wealth is about more than money - health, family, and freedom. He shows the reader why the fast lane is the only way to build real wealth, and how it works: one must become an entrepreneur and take control of time, money, and leverage.

    Although this book has a flashy title, I found there to be real substance contained within. It was motivational and really cemented in me why it's necessary to go the way of building a business. In some ways MJ Demarco builds on the ideas of "Your Money or Your Life" and "The 4 Hour Workweek," although I'm sure he'd protest me comparing his work to the latter.

    Atomic Habits - James Clear

    James outlines how habits are the tiny building blocks that create massive change in someone's life over a long period of time. Every result we have in life is a lagging measure of thousands of tiny actions we took in the past.

    We get a look at the science behind how habits are formed and the mechanics of how they work. Then James discusses practical methods of how to remove the influence of bad habits from your life, and introduce and stick to the new beneficial habits that will create great positive change.

    I personally am following multiple of these methods multiple times daily, and I've found them to be insanely useful in transforming my day to day. I am sure in the future the good habits I'm building today will create massive results.

    Deep Work - Cal Newport

    Cal discusses what deep work means - uninterrupted, focused attention on difficult tasks that provide the largest positive impact on your life and career. He talks about how deep work is sorely lacking in modern life. Employees and business owners are constantly distracted by social media, responding to emails multiple times a day, and have their time fragmented until the efficiency of their work steeply declines.

    The first part of the book goes through historical examples of deep workers - from Carl Jung building a stone tower to study psychology in an attempt to beat Freud in intellectual battles, to Bill Gates falling asleep on his keyboard while building the computer company we now know as Microsoft. Cal provides examples from many different schools of thought as to why "deep work" provides meaning, happiness, and the most powerful results.

    The second part of the book then discusses practical methods to introduce deep work into our professional lives. Although I haven't tried all of these methods, I have been implementing quite a few. I've quit social media on a personal basis, and I institute large chunks of time that are uninterrupted for my work.

    This is just a short overview of a few books I've found useful in my journey thus far. Although these don't apply directly to the subject of starting a business, they do closely examine important aspects to an entrepreneur's struggle at this stage. I believe there are incredibly beneficial strategies and mindsets contained within these, and would recommend them to anyone who is starting out their journey as an entrepreneur.

  • MarbmanMarbman subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    At the risk of sounding not very original, a classic book for having success with a business is Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich"

    Written over a hundred years ago it dissects a proven formula that some of the most successful people of the time used in order to build huge wealth.

    Well worth a read no matter how far along the business road you are.

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