Introducing myself, my small business and my new product to help small business owners

trulyfinancialtrulyfinancial subscriber Posts: 3 Member

Hi everyone, nice to network with all of you here. I am Katrina and I handle marketing for a new business banking alternative called Truly Financial. Our team has been working hard on building this new product right through the Covid-19 pandemic and I am excited we have something that specially helps small business owners like you to manage your banking finances without juggling with multiple banking services and getting frustrated by the big banks. 

 I want to extend the early access offer to you - just hop over to Truly Financial's website to learn more. You can take advantage of the early signup offer and get priority access when my product launches in 2 months. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you and have a great day ahead. (full disclosure: I work for Truly Financial)


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