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New - Working on next gen ballistic armour

Noel37BelfastNoel37Belfast subscriber Posts: 2 Member
edited January 2021 in Startup Funding

Myself and a friend have been working on this pet project of ours for over a year now. We've made some progress, stopped a few bullets to include ones fired from AR-15, AK-74 and Remington 700 rifles.

This project has benefited from my prior work into Graphene from which I developed my own customised way to create the material, which is both lab proven and highly scalable.

Realistically however the work is reaching a point wherein some investment is necessary to get this to a finalised set of products. Our primary concern right now is to produce wearable plates at around 1 Kilogram each that are capable of stopping modernised weaponry.

What we really need is small unit to work from and equipment as currently we are working on it in our own homes on a non-existent budget. If involvement in a project such as this sounds appealing then feel free to shoot me a message.


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