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Whats the best way to tell the most people about a new website ?

RayFinkleRayFinkle subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2006 in Marketing
I want to start a website. How do I get MILLIONS of people to go to it.


  • tonystubblebinetonystubblebine subscriber Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any metrics on these. For example my experience with slashdot was that it used to result in 20k visitors but now only 7-10k. What does making the front page of Digg do for you? Or PRWeb? del.icio.us is usually good for somewhere between 50 and 200 visitors.
  • tonystubblebinetonystubblebine subscriber Posts: 1
    I`ve been on TechCrunch (for twitter.com) and it`s not much traffic. More importantly I think you have to be clear on the sort of value you get from TechCrunch. If you are selling a product to other web 2.0 companies than every visitor is a potential customer. Otherwise the visitors are more likely to be potential competitors doing competitive research. A positive review does help with recruiting though.
  • tonystubblebinetonystubblebine subscriber Posts: 1
    letutor: good point. there`s also the benefit of increased page rank to consider.
  • resuccess2resuccess2 subscriber Posts: 4
    SEO is the best way to drive traffic. You can either pay a company to do it for you, or you can do it yourself through forums pay per clicks classifieds, and campaining.
  • AddassaMariAddassaMari subscriber Posts: 2
    You said somethings that I am on my wayto apply to my site.  I have some links that have nothing to do with the objective of my site so I think I will move them to my adverts page and leave my home page as the primary focus.  Thanks.  One question how do I post an active link in my signature?
  • PokermanPokerman subscriber Posts: 5
    Content is king... You need a reason for people to come to your site and to keep coming back once they`ve been there.  All the PR in the world won`t help if you have nothing of interest once someone visits.
    I currently get around 4 million page views per month on my music site.  I generate enough income from the google ads to pay for the servers and the site maintenance.  Other revenue streams provide the "gravy"
    I syndicated the music directory so that other websites could add my catalog of songs which are free to download but can only be listened to 3 times for free before they are required to purchase.  With over 100,000 song titles available this keeps people coming back over and over again.
    Contact me if music is something that would integrate into your current web presence.  96decibels.com
  • adampurcelladampurcell subscriber Posts: 0
    Brand it everywhere and on everything.
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