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Where to Look for Good Sales People

CherylCheryl subscriber Posts: 1
Hello World
Does anyone have someone they would refer for an inside sales rep job?  We are looking for three good inside sales reps.  The job is located in Arcadia, CA.  More info at http://www.technologymix.com/jobs.html</A> click on Inside Sales Rep


  • CalgaryPixCalgaryPix subscriber Posts: 2
    I recently read a great idea for getting top-notch sales people. Sorry I can`t remember where I read this, and it does deserve credit.Take an ad in the paper saying you are looking for top sellers and the maximum they can probably make if they work hard. Ideally this is a pretty high number. Give the contact information, then make it pretty hard for them to actually get through to you, when they call make them "sell" themselves to you in 30 seconds then let them hang. See if they follow up. The ones that do are the ones you want.
  • CherylCheryl subscriber Posts: 1
    Great ideas and advice, Thank You!!!  I`ll be putting them into practice starting today. 
  • ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
    Good advice here. We`ve been struggling with finding quality sales people as well. Most people want a cushy job and instant customers. They forget that they have to work to get the income. One entrpreneur told me last year that he hires sales people on a W-4/contractor basis and if they don`t work out in a few weeks he lets them go and hires another. He said he`s been through about 100 people just to find 5-10 quality people for his business (office supplies).
  • PeterPeter subscriber Posts: 6
  • CherylCheryl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info.  Here`s my feedback:  I posted the job then realized I needed to make a correction.  However, I could not save my changes.  There was no save button/option in the edit window.  Just the option to close the window.  Other than that, it looks pretty good and pretty easy to use.
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