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IncManIncMan subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Startup Funding

I have been through quit a few "corp credit builders" and all but two in two years have been legit.  I am working with one now that seem to be one of the best, quickest and most honest.  This guy seems to have the connections that can push the large lines through.  The other guy I use gets smaller lines and seems to be a bit less money though.  I have seen the first guy get million dollars lines still.  It costs a bit of money in the back end but it`s well worth it.  I have not seen many people obtain 7 figure lines in todays financial situation and I`m glad I found him.  He is working on two corps I am about to purchase.  One I`m buying for 20k and the other for roughly 60k (unless I can get them down).  We are currently ordering reports and financials on the corporations to see if the ROI is worth it.  
If anyone is interested in seeing how this pans out, let me know.  Again, I have not found a legit guy in a long time and I hear the same thing with the 30 corp credit leads I get per day at work.  
**the last guy I referred a person too, lost 75k UPFRONT! and the "builder" became a ghost as they most do.
please, anyone giving out cash for credit... be very leery and do your due diligence.
IncMan1/24/2009 11:51 PM


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