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Looking for cheap (free?) ezine solo ads

cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
edited January 2007 in Marketing
I am looking for cheap (aren`t we all?) ezine solo ads.  Anybody have a good source?


  • epetersepeters subscriber Posts: 1
    Do they really exist? I belong to the Directory Of Ezines, and a lot of the ezines offer decent discounts to members, but that`s the closest I`ve come to free solo ads.
  • cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
    I am thinking that they don`t exist.  I`ve posted the same question to other forums and no one has come up with anything.
    I was just hopeful, I guess.
    By the way, do you find that solo ads are a good source of advertisement and getting traffic?
  • daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    DEMC sends a newsletter to 40K subscribers and she is pretty cheap.  No connection to me, I did advertise with her once.  No responses but did see a spike in traffic.  But my website is off topic for her newsletter.
    www.DEMC.com</A>  In order to avoid the same mistake, look at ezines that cater to your market.  Also look at using webrings to drive traffic.  Usually completely free, just takes some time to hunt them up.
  • epetersepeters subscriber Posts: 1
    Solo ads are an awesome way to get qualified traffic. The trick is to place your ad in an ezine that`s relevant ot your ad. For instance: I have a home based business to promote, so I`ll submit my solo ads to home based business themed ezines. I know that people will like my ad and be more likely to read it because they already signed up for an ezine about what I`m promoting. Putting a solo ad about picking your nose in an ezine about growing flowers is not a good idea. Know what I mean? I found that hunting for ezines is hard to do, so find a good ezine directory. I use The Directory Of Ezines. It`s not free, but it`s way worth it, and a lot of ezines offer discounts for members. I`m sure there`s others out there that are equally as good. A lot of ezines also accept articles for free. How cool is that?!! Use your resource box to the max! Just remember an article should be informational-not an ad (That`s what the resource box is for). You can write your own articles or have one written for less than$10 and still have all rights to it.
  • cjpeepscjpeeps subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks for all your help.  I will look into both of these resources.
  • epetersepeters subscriber Posts: 1
    No prob peeps, you`ll find some good stuff I`m sure. Let me know if you have success with it.
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