What do you think about this great idea?

novatechnovatech subscriber Posts: 3 Member

What do you think of a platform developed to simplify the way entrepreneurs establish business relationships and build their own companies, allowing startups to have the essentials to start and grow in one place, and in terms of business relationships, businesses that are not more, how many degrees do you have, but about the skills you have, that allow you to meet more people at a much faster level, both as mentors to help you on your path as an entrepreneur and future partners or allies?

Please give me your opinion.🤩


  • Mehwish.YatiMehwish.Yati subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    I don't think it's very difficult to keep business ties in this era of the Internet. You need only a crm to recall important events if you can only send messages to let them know that you are trying to communicate. Send postcards or packages with useful/fun stuff in them and make it sincere, and make them feel appreciated.

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