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Texas Newbie, Please Review Web Ste

CindyCindy subscriber Posts: 5
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
Hello everyone, this is my first day here and I was wondering if I could get a site review please? Please don`t hold back, I can take it if something does not look right or needs to be changed.
Thank you so very much!


Cowgirlc2/3/2008 2:04 PM


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    How long has the site been up? I ask because it doesn`t seem to be indexed by Google yet.
    You should create a good site map and submit it to Google (do the same with yahoo).
    What is your target market - is it in the Kauffman, TX area or State or Region or worldwide?
    Because there are a number of virtual assistant sites, you may need to focus on location or specific services... focus your search engine optimization.
    I suggest eliminating "Cynthia`s Virtual Solutions" from your web page titles, because it is your domain name and thus not needed in your title. Instead focus in a couple of key words/phrases for each web page.
    Also, try to use targeting keywords (like specific services) as links rather than generic words like "services".
    Do not use underlined words unless they are links... it can be confusing to viewers. You should add alt image tags for every image on your site... those tags should include targeted keywords.
    It seems you use stock images on your site. While this is fine, the ones you use convey a group of employees working for Cynthia`s Virtual Solutions.... yet the about us page only noted two people.
  • CindyCindy subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi Roland, thank you so much for taking time out to look a the site. It has only been up a couple of weeks. No I have not done SEO as of yet, my business coach is suppose to show me how to do that. I did not design the site, I had it created for me. So some of the language you are referring to is right over my head. I will take your suggestions under advisement.
  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I`m not sure why the "Home" button at the top is always green regardless of the page you are viewing.I think a better meta description, h1/h2 tags, etc., would help for SEO.The main page has the outer columns pretty much filled up, but there isn`t much on the other pages; makes them look a little bare. Also, you might want to check into having a sitemap, privacy policy, etc.
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