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Workflow Approval Software

Hello all!

This is my first post, I am a CPA at a startup. Currently at my start up, employees are either putting wet signatures for invoice approval or email for invoice/PO approval and keeping track of everything is a headache. I've worked for much larger companies, where for invoicing they use custom software that made items easy to keep track of since you could add attachments and items would be routed to an approver accordingly. Does anyone here know/use a basic workflow approver software?

Here are the steps in an example scenario that I would am looking to cover:

1.) Preparer uploads PDF invoice and enters data into software

2.) Then it routes to the intended approver

3.) If the invoice is over a certain amount (lets say $10k) then it would route to a 2nd tier approver (like a VP) and so on as needed.

I'm not looking for a bill pay software like bill.com, just need the approval software and to be able to search what has been approved. Saw lists online (I noticed I cant post links yet) but was curious to hear real world feedback.

Thank you all and I am excited to join startup nation

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