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Looking for comments about my launch strategy (app & website to promote the app)

greeneye44greeneye44 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi everyone, it is my first post :)

During the covid crisis, I have started working on a project, then decided to resign from my job, so that I am now full time on the project.

I have taught myself how to code an app (on iOS), and I think the MVP is pretty much ready !

I would like to test with you my launch strategy. I think the optimal is to do:

1) Launch a landing page where I can get a feel for the traction. I also need to build an instagram, facebook and linkedin profile so that people will be redirected to the landing page. On the landing page I will ask interested users to send their emails and ask if they want to be part of the beta testing.

For this step, I need to make sure the logo and the name of the app are already decided

2) Launch the beta app to the beta testers and get their feedbacks

3) Adapt the MVP taking the feedbacks into account, then launch the MVP, and switch the website from landing page to the full website.

My questions are the following :

1) I feel uncomfortable launching a landing page because I feel like it will be easy for someone to take the idea and make the app better. I could not find an app that provides the service mine will do, though an experienced coder can probably code it in only 2 weeks. My USP is the quality of the DataBase the app will query which I will derive with experts but it is easy for someone to just put approximate numbers in the DataBase and users will be fooled.

Would you build a landing page in that case, or simply launch the full MVP and website without landing page ? in the second option, how do you get interested beta testers ?

2) Do you know if on Wordpress, I can build 2 websites, one which is a simple landing page, and the full website (paying only 1 domain), and then I can simply switch from the landing page to the full website ?

It is a bit long, apologies !

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