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Should I come to affiliate marketing

fAnutfAnut subscriber Posts: 1 Member
edited October 2020 in Side Hustles

Hey I am newbie and I am confused whether I have to start affiliate amrketing on my website. Anyone pls suggest. Techforks


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    likeshigh12likeshigh12 subscriber Posts: 86 Silver Level Member

    Affiliate marketing enhances your website awareness instantly. But I suggest SEO. SEO increases your website ranking on the search engine result page and draws more listeners to your page.

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    Tuah BaoTuah Bao subscriber Posts: 176 Silver Level Member

    Hi @fAnut ,

    You start affiliate marketing on your own website only if you have a lot of visitors. Else, most probably it won't work.

    Usually, you can start affiliate marketing in no time, because what you need is just an affiliate link. You don't even need a website.

    SEO should be part of your long-term strategy. If you want to be successful in the short-term then SEO isn't the solution for you. You should go for paid marketing, like FB ad, Google ad or Bing ad. So, you can have sales conversion in the short-term.

    Again, if you have a lot of followers then you can just share your post, else pay for the social media ad. Depends how much commission you are earning, if you can going to earn (eg) $100 per sale, then you should go for paid ad, because you can get your money back with a single sale. On the other hand, if the commission rate is low, then it is better that you look for other product to promote.

    Tuah Bao
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    dryadrubydryadruby subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member

    Yes, affiliate marketing are great way to boost your wealth generation from your blog.

    You have to focus on just 3 points

    • Have a good title to bring more audience
    • Provide good call to action keyword for product link
    • Do your blog regularly 😊
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    publicspeakerpublicspeaker subscriber Posts: 19 Bronze Level Member

    Hey you can start with the affiliate marketing, and then gradually you can built it by posting photos and videos.

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