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register a new business

Sydney blackSydney black subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member
edited September 2020 in Selecting a Business

Hello all, I am a chef in a restaurant. I was into cooking ever since I was a kid and always dreamt of opening my own restaurant. As everyone does nowadays for convenience, I also started searching online on registering a new business, and many different websites showed up, but not every website has the same information and procedures. I have been researching it for the past one year, even before the pandemic started. But even now, I am not able to find the correct one with all the corrective steps. Does anybody have any experience registering their business online? Please do help…


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    TomHelTomHel subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member

    I recommend to address to the lawyer, he precisely will control all process of registration of documents. When I started my project, at first I did everything myself, but later I still used the help of lawyers, because all the procedures need to be done correctly.

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    BogBog subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    You're going to needlessly pay thousands of dollars if you go to a lawyer. I went through a service- I did nolo.com because I buy their books for like 20 years. (I bought their Single Member LLC book for example.) They registered it but then screwed up the pdf documents they sent me the wrong ones. But then I called their support number and they acknowledged the mistake and sent me the correct files right away (while the call). So, yknow... they screwed up. But then fixed it. So... I dunno, even-steven?

    So far so good...

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    BogBog subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Also- btw, I advise that you not pay nolo for for the EIN filing option add-on in your order- all they really do is just fill out the one page form for you and then send it to you to print and sign and send (they can't do the actual filing part for you as it requires your signature). It's not that nolo is ripping you off with that optional add-on it's just that they can't go all the way through for you. so they give you the filled-out pdf and charge you and extra $50. The rest of the main filing stuff they can do (and did).

    You can do the filing for an EIN part with just one form - it's form SS-4, get it from irs.gov (do NOT get it from any site that isn't a .gov TDL, meaning in your browser the name ends in .gov)

    Take a look at it it's one page, it's easy, saves you the extra $50 or whatever in the nolo filing options. Again not that they're ripping you off by providing the option there, it's just not worth the money.

    But I'm only talking about the EIN add-on here; the rest of the nolo filings have (so far) been going well.)



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    navag83378navag83378 subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member

    I would recommend unless you really enjoy cooking, you should go into a different business. Restaurants are low-margin and long hours especially if you are the owner. The pandemic has permanently closed many restaurants as well.

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