Funding for very early startup idea:

clearupclearup subscriber Posts: 1 Member

I own the domain and figured it would be a great name for a debt reduction platform. For a while I have been interested in creating a platform for people who are in debt to get matched with debt consolidation/reduction programs that best match their needs. So a user would register and log in and create a profile. Companies that offer debt consolidation/reduction services would also be able to log in and create profiles. This would be a free matching service for users, and would be free at first for the companies, until a time when there were enough users where a commission would be charged to the companies for successful matches. A lot of effort would need to go into the marketing. I am a software engineer so I can handle all the development in the cloud with secure login/registration using oauth. But it seems I would need a few companies to begin as the anchor companies, and need funding for a substantial marketing effort once the site is ready to go live. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.


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