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Afiliate Marketing on the side

James DavidsonJames Davidson subscriber Posts: 1 Member


My name is James Davidson. I work a regular nine to five job, except for one thing. My nine to five is 10 pm to 630 am. Im looking to start trying to make some passive income so that i can focus more on pursusing my education o become a Addiction specialist. I am just barely starting in the internet and affiliate marketing industry in order to do so. I am promoting my first product for about two days now. It is a digital service that not only teaches people how to do the work im doing but it also does the majority of the work for them.i dont have alot of money fo I dont have the money to pay to get my link out there so I have to go about this the hard way. Any tips on how to get this marketing thing going a little smoother for me. Im not complaining about the work, I would just like to be able to see a decent ROI on my efferts put into this.


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