Ideas on how to generate income from Aircrafts?

I have 2 aircrafts (cessna caravan model 208B). Any ideas on how i can start generating income from these aircrafts.

I am from Tanzania, Africa where the economy is unstable and aviation market has been highlt affected by the Corona Virus pandemic.

All thougths and ideas are welcome


  • bubblebobabubbleboba subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    Can you offer internal flights to local destinations? Perhaps you could do social distancing in the aircraft? I know they are small, though, so you might have to charge a lot per flight to reclaim costs.

    I am unsure about actual flight costs, but can you do "same day delivery" services for supplies that are required?

    I am sure that there will be more. I will keep a notepad close and write down some ideas. If I come up with any, I will let you know.

    Good luck.

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