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New site live! - chumpmonkeygames.com

ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
edited November 2006 in Website Critique
Greetings everyone! Finally a new project and business site is up and running - www.chumpmonkeygames.com I`m using Shopify for my hosting and ecommerce provider and paypal/google checkout for payment processing. Shopify is wonderful in that it`s easy to use, lots of power, and clean looking.I`m still tweaking things as well so if you notice something weird, please let me know! ~Allen


  • leadstudiosleadstudios subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi,Congrats on your launch. A couple of minor comments:the default text is a little hard to readin IE 6.0 when you rollover the links on the right nav, the text is completely covered by the red colour so you can`t see the text under it. In Firefox, its working fine.Again, good luck on your business.-Brandon
  • sagemediasagemedia subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi Allen,Congratulations on your new site!As Brandon mentioned, there is definitely a big problem with the appearance of your text, and you will want to do some cross browser compatibility testing.The fact that the site doesn`t immediately read as an e-commerce shop is both good and bad... while it is great to have a nice clean interface, at the end of the day you are still trying to sell a product. You might want to consider using some engaging graphics on your homepage, just to bring people in to your catalogue areas (which are nice and clean and easy to navigate - well done).When you add a product to the cart, the "View Mini Cart" text overlaps your logo to varying degrees, depending on which browser you use. It is an issue in all browsers, though... if this is the logo you are going with, you might want to consider making it smaller so there is no interference with your cart scripts.All the best,Chanie
  • ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks for the tips! I noticed the text issue and will be working on getting that resolved asap. I do appreciate all the feedback as well. Usability is very key for me ~Allen
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