Where to start with domain knowledge and identify challenges?

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Hello friends,

I am currently a software engineer with a comfortable job. These COVID times have made me realize that time is very precious, even more than having the comfort of a stable job. I have co-founded a startup before and I am looking to get back into the startup phase. 

I am hunting for ideas right now based on technologies that I am familiar with. I want to take a challenge or issue that might exist in any domain/industry and try to solve it. My problem is, I have not worked in any one industry long enough to build up domain knowledge. I am 29 years old. 

For example, I was thinking of hiring a domain expert to find the issues and challenges facing the insurance industry. I do not have tons of savings to be able to retain someone with specialized knowledge long enough. So in this case, how can I get an in-depth understanding of domain? I have seen from my time working as an independent contractor that people who are successful in any industry are the ones who have a deep and detailed understanding of issues that exist in that industry. 

I have been told that I should read any kind of material that I can find about how things work in that industry of my interest, but I want to know if there exists a better way to gain domain knowledge and identify the issues and challenged within that industry. What techniques or methodologies have you guys used in such a case if any? 

Time goes by pretty fast and I think its best if I can spend that time to help people and make someone's life easier. 

Please let me know if this is a really not appropriate place to post. 

Thanks you very much!


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