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Appreciate any Feedback!

Hello all,  

We are a startup company called Travtail. Our mission is to merge travel and retail into one space to give customers immediate access to essential products in their moment of need.  

Travtail has created a completely self-service intelligent vending machine that fits in any location, from cars to malls. These vending machine stores can help store owners make an additional supplemental income between $200-$1000 selling products.  

Each store uses QR codes for quick and easy payments. For each item sold, Travtail takes only a 6-8% commission. If you pay the full price (very affordable and we provide a payment plan with just a soft credit check), you will have access to several tools that will help you prevent stockouts and manage your inventory.  

Prices and designs of our stores can be found on our website, travtail.com

We would love to hear any feedback that you might have about our product and services. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to contact@travtail.com. 


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