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It`s time to simplify home entertainment!

digitalhomedudedigitalhomedude subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Website Critique

Recent innovations in the home entertainment world help us see things on our TV`s that are so lifelike, hear things on our sound systems that are amazing.  The big question still exists...how do we make it all work? 


We have tried to answer that question.  Please let us know how we did. 




Please note that due to supplier restrictions and the custom nature of the business, we are not attempting to `take orders` via the net.  Our goal is to get the phone to ring or have someone submit an inquiry.

What a wonderful opportunity to run a `gauntlet` of friendly critism.


Chuck Hoyt,


<a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:chuck@thedigitalhomestore.com">

digitalhomedude2/16/2008 4:27 PM


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Chuck Hoyt,
    I think the presentation of the site is good.
    White text on black can be hard to read especially with a small font...and the size of your font is set so the viewer can not increase it if desired .
    As far as "technical - web site coding" - I suggest moving the pages stules into an external style sheet (CSS).  It is also "interesting" that every page is an "SHTML" - usually used to handle server side includes. Not necessarily a bad think, but can be avoided with different parsing instructions.
    The title tags for each page are way to long and there is not need to use or put your name first because it is also your domain name. Each title tag should be unique, incorporate a couple of targeted key words, and be relevant to its respective web page.
    Your pages do not have description tags either - those should be added and also unique  incorporate a couple of targeted key words and relevant to each page.
    There are some coding problems - multiple <head></head> and closing tags without opening tags.... the coding should be checked.
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    WebsitesUnleashedWebsitesUnleashed subscriber Posts: 4
    Hello Chuck,
        From a visitor`s standpoint your website looks good. You managed to keep the overall site pretty simple which is key for your `service`. Here are some more functionality and marketing related suggestions.Provide a skip intro button on the intro page. A new visitor will have no idea how long your intro is and may be turned off fast enough to not even let your short intro play through.Also understand that introduction pages like your flash one, are bad for search engines, so you run a small risk by using it. It just makes things more difficult.If your goal is to have them contact you for a registration, form fill out, questionaire, etc. then I would definitely promote your `Contact Us` page more throughout the individual pages. Maybe a nice large image link on each page that says, `Free Consultation Form`. Along with that, I would make your questionaire a little more customized than your standard info. I would include fields for: Email, contact preference (email vs phone), Situation: Already installed, New Home, New System, Don`t Know.As far as on-page SEO goes, Roland from VWebWorld touched on some crucial coding issues. Your pages need a tad bit more information, and your homepage will suffer with no real text that gives a lazy search engine words to help it index you. Your title tags are not helping your SEO. You need to specify each page`s topic and optimize the pages for that topic. The page title should not be longer than 5-7 words and should NOT include a unhelpful description.For example: Your slogan is `A Revolution in Home Entertainment` but no one will be searching for the `Revolution` they need it brought to them. I would cut that phrase out of every title and only put it in your meta-description.The pages about the `Harmony Remote` could seriously capitalize on that term but you need to make those pages all about the remote. It can`t be general like it is now.Restate your business number at the bottom of all your content. If they like what you had to say then they don`t want to be frustrated to find your number. Just because its at the top doesn`t mean they will remember its there. This kind of goes along with my Contact Us button suggestion. If your not going on web sales, then you need to make the communication method as easy as possible- maybe even a click for us to call you (where they put their number and you call within X minutes).
    Again, from a customer`s point of view your website looks pretty good, but from a business function and marketability point of view you need to rework your pages a little.
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    johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    Get rid of the annoying flash of the landing page. People will leave after waiting for 3 seconds, and it caused problem with google indexing.
    the landing page is indexed (has page rank). None of the others are.
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