What are a Few Home Business Ideas during this Pandemic?

msujoymsujoy Vietnamsubscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

Looking for a few suggestive work from home ideas during this pandemic time. Kindly share your thoughts. Thanks :)



  • AirAir subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    Any kind of e-commerce business might be worthwhile to start right now, especially things that can be promoted on social media and sold on Amazon etc.

  • Dania FerrolDania Ferrol subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    During the pandemic I joined a network group called Alliance Economics. It has worked wonders for my family, friends and I. It's a very powerful networking group that can give returns monthly with just little effort. You may reach out to me for more information. Dani[email protected]

  • MarbmanMarbman Caribbeansubscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Affiliate Marketing has been my thing and not just through this pandemic but since 2010.

    Easy to be up and running and limitless markets to be involved in.

    My advice is to pick a market and then a few core products. You can then build a landing page around this to build up your email list and to promote your affiliate products.

    There is a bit more to it than that but this formula works for me.

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