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what is the the understanding Strategies regulations ?

We are a "investment&charities company" with new vision ,We face from the beginng of our foundation .great difficulty in terms of the team understanding the intended meaning of the task

So what are the appropriate Strategies for understanding the task ، briefly as possible so that the team can deal with it as regulations.

Such as ex. understanding through the Contextual Approach -or through understanding the idea of ​​the task (As the title shown ↑) , or the meaning builds to the previous word ,and other techniques with explanation and I hope that there will be examples to increase the clarification for the team.


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    sandraZsandraZ subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Hello there!

    First of all, from my personal point of view, the so-called investment and charity are completely bullshit.

    Investors will not arbitrarily invest in a project or individual. I believe this is the case in every country, and people are selfish.

    And charity? I believe there must be people in this world who are really keen on charity, but only a very small part of them. Those organizations or individuals that appear to be charitable are all vampires. So I never believed these.

    I only know that when I have the ability, I will personally take my resources or economy to every place for inspection, and every money I will spend in the most valuable place.

    Therefore, it is better to stay away from so-called charities.

    Everything is done by yourself.

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    karimkarim subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Thank you for the opinion, and it's true that most people will think that I am pretending about that, but likewise, why this frustration? I am convinced that this is my goal that this work not only to raise money but also to invest it on those in needed.and I put the vision & and strategic planning for that, and I said it in the question, to incentive to answer my question 

    from your point I agree with you that the question is understands like pretended so its better to change the expression. & (this is a compromise between us to prevent war between Argentine & Libya 😀 ) Goodbye and you are at at the best

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