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What issues do non-technical entrepreneurs encounter while building a MVP (minimal viable product)?

Joe KennyJoe Kenny subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hey guys,

I'm currently doing some research into challenges early stage startups encounter while trying to get to MVP, especially regarding access to technical talent or resources. To date I have had many conversations with Entrepreneurs at meetup events, but I would be interested in hearing comments from this community to see if this is a wider problem in the industry. Specifically, the common issues mentioned from entrepreneurs from non-technical backgrounds include:

  1. Non technical startups find it difficult to find technical advice on demand.
  2. Non technical startups would benefit from advice from technical people before building an app, platform or beginning a search for a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) or technical co-founder.

Regarding point 2 above on getting "pre-advice" before going to a Software Company that builds solutions, the following concerns were repeatedly raised:

  1. Worried I cannot assess if the expertise offered by this company or freelancer is applicable or suitable to my particular needs 
  2. Worried I am being pushed onto their Tech stack rather than a stack that suits my business solution
  3. Worried my lack of technical background is being taken advantage of to over inflate estimates or expand the scope of work required

I'd be very interested to hear your comments on the above and any feedback is welcome.


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