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Starting a fitness business

gcabello07gcabello07 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

Hello everyone, I really love this forum here and seeing all the wonderful posts and great advice given. I was wondering if I may ask:

I'm starting my own small business as a consultant for busy professionals/entrepreneurs. I’m basically helping people achieve their fitness goals of losing weight. But before getting serious about it, I’d like to find one or two more test clients to really perfect my method. I won’t be asking for anything but constructive feedback or recommendations. If you’re interested send comment below!


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    MeryemraiMeryemrai subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    It always depends on many factors like where is the fitness situated. Is it a comfortable place for the customers to reach? Do you have enough fitness equipment, with a move to online fitness platform so that if your fitness is crowded people won't have to wait long for the same fitness tools? Is the equipment of good quality? Do you have enough space between each individual fitness equipment? Also you can make money in fitness industry Do you have a nice dressing room with showers? Can the customers park easily and access the fitness in case they are with cars? Do you have good air conditioning and ventilating system? Do you maintain the right temperature in the place?

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    monsaraff123monsaraff123 subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member

    You should get in touch with the fitness freaks, and giving them the perfect advice or fitness goals they were looking for, and later you need to show your skills and convince them to take up your services You can always start with small scale or by giving fitness advice for maybe free at the initial stage.

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    manassarmanassar subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member

    Good luck

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    adrianajohnson682adrianajohnson682 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    it was interesting to read the answers

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