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I need some advice regarding freelancing

BlablaBlabla subscriber Posts: 2 Member

Hi, I am a IT college student and I want to start a side hustle, for that I want to start with freelancing and later on build my own business. But I am totally new to professional world and confused therefore I need your help.

I am currently learning full stack web development and have done google's certification course on digital marketing basics.

I can do web development, and thats a high income niche and I can also good projects to my cv/resume but the problem is - I am still a beginner and have a lot more to learn and it will take me a long time to become reasonably good.

I have also learned about digital marketing because it appears to have great scope in future, and I can do google's adwords course and become a SEM freelancer, its also high income niche but the problem is AdWords costs money, that means I will have to charge clients upfront to pay for ads which doesn't seems promising for a newbie and also I will not be able to provide free work to build up my portfolio.

I have also seen people on fiverr to just offer to setup their AdWords account which doesn't cost money but is that a good option for me?

This makes me consider SEO which is again a high paying niche and doesn't cost money but, Its very hard to display results in short term, and most projects are like 6 months long on upwork which doesn't seem like a good idea as a beginner or is it?

I have seen people on fiverr to provide 100 manual backlinks as their service but this model won't make me learn anything useful or will it?

This makes me consider video editing, which allows me to complete projects within short span of time and I also have basic editing skills but is it scalable and do this have enough scope?

How do I buy domains and hosting for clients if I choose web development? How do I get access to clients accounts if I choose digital marketing? What other factors should I consider and what should I focus on? I would like to work on small term projects which can be completed within 7 days but should I be open to long term projects as well?

Thank you for your time. Looking forward for your advice, help and suggestions. Thank you.


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