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The Sharing Economy is Exactly How I leverage My Business

JohnGreenJohnGreen subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member

Sharing means caring. This simple, yet powerful saying has helped me turn my simple membership into monthly checks. You see someone shared with me and I was so thankful. They shared information that helped save my family from potential threats and disease. They shared information that could save us from years of suffering. I can never thank Bill enough for simply sharing with me what hhe knew. When a compnay set's the montra to sharing, not selling or marketing, people tend to do just that. People share and share and help and help. THis sharing means caring leads to the results we all want. I share my great place with people all over the country. I share online and offline. I share with co-workers, friends, neighbors, relatives, and people who visit my website. Sharing is why my business has done well. Information is power. Sharing means caring! Give it a try.

Here is something I share to my new freinds on Start Up Nation:

Fun Fact: research has identified that people who clean their homes just 1 time a week using national brand cleaning products are just as at risk for lung cancer as those who smoke a pack per day for 20 years! I share that there are better ways to live in your home that don't place you, your family, and your pets at risk.

Here is my platform on Facebook where I share, help others, and help improve healthcare all at the same time!


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