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I am not sure entrepreneurship is for me :\

iliavkoiliavko subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi all, my first post.

Long story short, I am PLANNING a business on Amazon FBA and I just can't feel motivated to go ahead with it (keep planning and then operating it). When I started the planning, I was super excited, but as time passed I just seem to have lost my interest. Now I have to force myself to actually do something, it feels like a job you don't like and would rather quit.

I am not sure if the whole business thing is for me.. I tried opening a business long time ago, but I realised I just wanted to try myself out and I had no technical knowledge of finance, etc, then I got a good job offer and took it. 8 years have passed, I worked in finance, so now I have all the technical knowledge to open the business, but I just don't seem to have the motivation.

Also, it seems that I can't to work for someone, I'm not good at careers in companies and now it also seems I am not good at doing business on my own.

Can you guys relate? Do you feel motivated all the time? Or you have these times when doing business feels like a job you don't like?

As additional info, I was never the hustler type, I never sold anything to anyone, like 2nd hand stuff on Ebay for example.

And for last, a self-experiment: If you gave me 3 million USD I would just invest the money in ETFs and other safe vehicles and live of those returns for the rest of my life. I definitely wouldn't use that money to start a business. See no point to risk a sure security of that cash to open a business for.. what? Make more cash? But I would already have it! why bother?

What would you do with 3 million?

Thanks for reading,



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    vanyadavidvanyadavid subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    I honestly can relate in your situation, but in my opinion you have to believe in yourself.

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    Mehwish.YatiMehwish.Yati subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    edited January 2021

    You can't fake your fear... My business was my only source of income, and I was thinking about it 18 hours a day. There was no safety net in there.

    If you don't absolutely need the income you make for it, you're going to trade your time to things like FB, vacations, etc. I also suggests a business coach or a motivational speaker for this.

    For me, the hardest part is to think critically about the overarching goal, and to break it down into actionable steps. A lot of my work involves programming, and it's much easier to achieve small concrete goals (e.g. writing test for new functionality) when I have a checklist of actionable tasks. So my 'highly motivated' task would be some heavy critical thinking and planning, to the point where I can go through the motions later.

    For a half-year, I used recurring payment system for a small corporate client.

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    gmr1960gmr1960 subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    I completely understand where you are coming from. Starting and running a business is a lot harder than just working for someone else. If you are going to go down that road you have to find the right motivation or you’ll never be able to push yourself past the obstacles. Maybe it’s being your own boss. Maybe it’s because your are passionate about your idea or product. Maybe it’s the lure of financial freedom. You clearly don’t seem passionate about an Amazon business. Maybe you should look for something else.

    The basic definition of an entrepreneur is someone who has an idea and takes the financial risk to try and make it. By that definition, then you are not an entrepreneur yet. But they do have certain traits in common. Often they are creative thinkers with lot’s of ideas. They don’t like working for someone else and they feel their true value can’t be expressed in a resume and is often underestimated.

    If that describes you then you probably are an entrepreneur. So find your motivation to help you do the work, push past your fears, take the financial risk and start your own business.

    Truth is if I had three million dollars I probably would just invest it as well. But I’d use some of it to invest in other entrepreneurs cause that at least helps others as well. But right now neither of us have that so starting a business, no matter how small might be the first step towards that goal.

    I wish you happiness no matter what you decide to do.

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