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How long do you wait before cutting off a marketing channel you are testing?

renovation320renovation320 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

We have been trying a variety of different marketing channels. Some of costly while others are not, and the results have been mixed.

How long do you test your marketing channels before you decide to stop funding those channels?


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    AustinKnowsMarketingAustinKnowsMarketing subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

    Great question - which channels have you tried and for how long have you been trying each one? Generally speaking for construction, contractors and home services you should give about 60 days for testing. This of course is assuming you have an adequate budget funding the campaigns since most platform are bid based.

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    renovation320renovation320 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    @AustinKnowsMarketing Thanks for the response! We have been doing local tv ads, cold calling, direct mail, SEO, PPC, and 3rd party lead sources (also digitally based).

    I will rank them in effectiveness based on amount paid/revenue generated.

    1. 3rd Party Sources (Digital - Mix of SEO, PPC, and Display) - 6 months
    2. PPC (low lead volume, but high conversion) - 6 months
    3. TV (Most expensive, not great conversions) - 2 months
    4. Cold Calling - 1 month
    5. Direct Mail - 1 month
    6. SEO (Just started, so know this should take longer)

    Most of these we have started relatively recently because we used to use other channels that have gotten too competitive so we had to start trying new things out.

    Curious to hear your thoughts!

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    AustinKnowsMarketingAustinKnowsMarketing subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

    I co-own a full-service marketing, branding and PR firm that works exclusively with contractors, construction and home services, and my gut instinct just from looking at that list is to ditch direct mailers. Cold calling can work. SEO (which im sure you already know this) takes about 6-7 months minimum but the pay out is fantastic so I would keep doing that.

    Now when you say PPC has a low lead volume but high conversion I assume that's because the ads are more targeted? (i.e. google)

    What social platforms are you on?


    Austin Murray


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