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Startup ideas for post-pandemic world

rubyroidlabsrubyroidlabs subscriber Posts: 5 Member

I want to share some ideas of business trends from Rubyroid Labs that will be highly relevant after the lockdown period:

Employee sharing app that allows companies to exchange resources in the high/low-demand period.

Barter tools. Experts foretell that communities will trade among themselves using micro currencies and barter. You can develop a platform that simplifies the barter economy process.

Indoor cleaning monitoring. The fear of social places will remain long after the pandemic ends. Introducing a system of cleaning tracking apps that would connect managers, cleaners, and clients might help.

Outbreak zone indicator. Based on data from social media, local hospital data, you could create an app that shows outbreak hot zones on the map. Users will be notified that these places are not safe to go to.

Mobile consumer services.  Mobile beauty salons and hairdressers allow providing service in the lockdown period, which propels the need for apps that can help businesses and clients connect, schedule appointments, keep in touch, etc.

Gift vouchers. Some entrepreneurs don’t have access to technologies to sell their products. You can create a platform to help businesses sell their gift cards.

AR & VR. The more people get used to VR and AR entertainment through self-isolation, the higher are the opportunities for it to become one of the most prominent post-lockdown startup trends.


  • JohnGreenJohnGreen subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member

    Hey, Great ideas!

    I think thi spost COVID world is bringing a vareity of new opportunities. Technology is in a place to leverage these opportunities and improve communications, interactions, and news ways to meet and deliver the goods. Thanks for sharing

  • ZubairZubair subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hello! This post is really insightful, especially the point about Employee sharing app (although it's quite depressing :( )

    I think the whole covid situation has shown that many industries aren't developed and considered enough to be ready to adapt to issues like that. For example, the inability to work online.. So, I hope many services will review their working modes and improve them..

  • RudyRudy subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    Hello, this is nice topic.

    One question though. I just signed up for this community 20 minutes ago. Is it for US only or world wide, please?

    I am from Indonesia-Asia. The un-employment rate is getting higher and higher. If there is an idea to facilitate them, would be great.

    "Employee sharing app that allows companies to exchange resources in the high/low-demand period." sounds interesting but need to be careful on each company secret.

  • rubyroidlabsrubyroidlabs subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    @Rudy , @Zubair , @JohnGreen thanks for your interest. For more information about these ideas, you can google Rubyroid Labs and read our last post in the blog "As Economy Goes Post-Pandemic: 7 Business Ideas for the New World".

  • Priya MalhotraPriya Malhotra subscriber Posts: 17 Bronze Level Member
    edited June 2020

    Great Ideas! There will be a lot of new opportunities in the post pandemic world. A lot of fields that will be open so we can invest our time and money in it. One which is investing in startups. Startup companies and businesses are the future of the world so there can be many benefits of investing in startups. Many other online opportunities are waiting for us. We just have to grab that opportunity and make the most out of it.

  • SmithJohnesSmithJohnes subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member

    This post is really insightful. There will be a lot of new opportunities in the post pandemic world. Here's the list of few Business Ideas That Will Emerge Out of the Pandemic-

    Home improvement

    Remote fitness

    Meal kits and food delivery

    Services for remote workers

    Home health and beauty

    The Coronavirus will usher in a new normal that will create a unique set of opportunities. Startups across the world should seek opportunity in chaos and capitalise on the new trends to build the new normal.

  • monsaraff123monsaraff123 subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member

    In Lockdown many people have come up with lot of business ideas, and VR being onw of the most trendiest business to start with, for that you need to have proper VR training that will help you under VR better.

  • mersmers subscriber Posts: 5 Member
  • greenleaf21greenleaf21 subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    Great Ideas, go for the one where your interest lies even if the margin is less, because if you are interested in doing that job you will get the best returns of it within no time.

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