Creating E-commerce website, what else i should do?

William114William114 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

I am gonna create E-commerce website for my Jewelry company.

We have quite a good diamond Jewelry and I have created High quality Jewelry Renderings and jewelry animations. I know it cause i am in jewelry industry quite from some time. But what should i need to take do when it comes to technical stuff.

Can anyone help?


  • SashaGrandSashaGrand subscriber Posts: 1 Member

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  • Tuah BaoTuah Bao subscriber Posts: 176 Silver Level Member

    Hi William114,

    Not sure what do you mean by technical stuff. Do you mean how to build a complete e-commerce website?

    You can do it with most of the CMS like drupal and WordPress with the right e-commerce plugins. I assume you have a large capital because you are in the jewelry industry. Don't crack your head with something that you do not know. Please just hire someone to get the e-commerce site done for you. You can do what you good at, which is sales or marketing.

    It won't be too expensive to setup up an e-commerce site. So, i would advice you not to spend too much time to learn building e-commerce site or coding. Focus more on your business. Hope that helps.

    Tuah Bao
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  • karthickvelusamykarthickvelusamy subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    Hi @William114

    Congrats for your initiative.

    1) Buy a domain. Example:Godaddy

    2) Buy a shared hosting. Example:Bluehost

    3) Install WordPress and Woocommerce plugin. Then buy or choose a theme, build your site.

    4) Add products, images, pricing, and integrate payment.

    5) Make sure you add tracking scripts from Google Analytics, search console and facebook with event tracking.

    6) Create a website traffic ad at the beginning on Facebook. Once you start to receive orders then optimize the ads for conversion.

    You can go with Shopify instead of woo-commerce. But there you might be spending a little more recurringly for the platform but not have to worry about hosting charges.

    Need any advice? Please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn (Karthick Velusamy). I can guide you to keep moving your business. And my wishes for your success.

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