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Now Accepting Praise and Ridicule!

joshchristyjoshchristy subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2007 in Website Critique
Well, we have just launched http://www.zoobedo.com, an online resume builder and search tool. We have been going back and forth on a business model and have decided to release the site on a advertising model and build in a subscription piece within the next 3 months with premium features. However based off of the 37signals business advice we have decided to launch now and release updates often. The full functionality isn`t as robust as we would like, but the basic premise is there. There are number of items that we want to add to the site in upcoming months, such as:video help filesuploading rss feedsvideo profilesaddition resume templatesjob tools/ articlesspell checkingupload documents/ parse uploaded resumesI know that this arena isn`t the target market for zoobedo, but I would enjoy feedback/criticism/praise/etc. The site is free to sign up for, so feel free to sign up and use the application, and we subscribe to Seth Godins marketing ideas (so no spam from us)!
joshchristy2007-9-5 1:15:14


  • joshchristyjoshchristy subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig, thanks for the advice. I like the the idea of faxing the resume. What my site allows you to do is to put all of your work/education/skills/etc online in a resume area, then create resumes out of pre-defined templates (currently a whopping 1 template), then you can either download it as a pdf file or view as a html file. If applying electronically the html resume is sent to the employer as a link and then tracks when the employer views, prints, or even thinks about the resume. Ok, not really thinks about it, but you get the idea.I think the strength of this tool is that you get all your data in one place and then easily create different resumes (currently 1, lol), quickly and easily. The search is powered by indeed.com which is the largest search tool available online. They search monster, career builder, hotjobs, etc. The hope of the tool is that it provides one location to keep your information securely, track if your resume is viewed, and search for jobs. The idea was formed when i was searching for positions and didn`t have info about a job because it was at home, or i didn`t know where my most current resume was.I feel that we have some tools that no one else does. Conveying that online sounds like we need some work still. Thanks for the advice Craig.That was pretty easy... Who is next!
  • joshchristyjoshchristy subscriber Posts: 2
    thanks craig. Ill add it to the list of updates.
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