What makes a packaging of a product effective?

kreinafine2kreinafine2 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Would you mind sharing the main aspects that I should look into for me to be able to make the packaging of my products effective?

Other than the campaigns published on social medias, I think it’s also crucial to take into consideration the packaging since aesthetics plays a huge role too in marketing your product.

Your answers will be very much appreciated!


  • John D. GeorgeJohn D. George Texassubscriber Posts: 3 Member

    Packaging is one of the best marketing tactics and plays an important role for any product. It helps a brand to display its products or services before customers.

  • KaylaOKaylaO subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Undoubtedly, packaging is a huge part of promotion as it is a brand's representation in a physical form. It must be consistent with the values and ideas that you communicate with your brand. For instance, if you have a soup brand that promotes sustainability and eco-living - using bright and aggressive colors wouldn't be the best fit. So this is where one should think hard. I think Behance is a great source of inspiration for that.

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