Bootstrappers for an interview WANTED.

Hello Guys,

I am a current master student at the Rotterdam School of Management. I have been studying entrepreneurship for 3 years now. Currently, I am pursuing my master degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship and will try to work with star-ups later on. For my last course, I am doing Bootstrapping. With my teammates, I would like to deliver a 15-page long case study that involves 12 interviews with entrepreneurs who bootstrapped in the past and willing to share their experiences. This 30-min long interview constitutes of a few question about the story of the company, the challenges & opportunities faced during bootstrapping and general recommendations for future bootstrappers. 

It would be highly appreciated if those of you who bootstrapped could devote 30 minutes of their time in the first half of the upcoming week. 

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

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