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How much is it worth to YOU?

CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
edited January 2007 in Selecting a Business
I was scanning the website and came across the Coaching link. In there are courses available to anyone who would like to start a business or improve on a existing. But the funny part about this is I saw the price tag of $995 and immediately clicked out of there thinking: WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY. After about two minutes I began to laugh at myself.
Here is a product/service that could possibly make the difference if I open a business, and if I do if it survives or not. And here I am thinking that $995 is way to much.
So now I sit and think to myself......HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH TO ME?(This by no means is trying to take away the value of such a course! I hope the way that I wrote this does not read wrong) I find it very interesting of the thought process that I went through in th whole ordeal.


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    In comparison to other coaching programs out there, this is quite reasonable, especially for what you get. i work in the field and it is a cost to hire a coach. there is research of someone, developing, alot of back and forth...alot of things go on, and you don`t move to each step until you "get it". There are also offerings to folks who choose not to pay for a coaching service, such as score, local development center....office of economic growth etc.
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    I have consulted with someone at SCORE, and they were helpfull. I think that it goes along the lines of defeating the monster on my own. I got very frustrated taking college courses because they dont teach you how to start up, and run a business. They teach you how to manage people at someone elses business. Granted there are colleges out there that offer such classes I wasnt fortunate to take them.
    Here are some of the free  resources that I have found:
    I will post more when I find them all.
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    CraigL, Not only are there entrepreneurial lifestyles and views in these novels. But I get the most out of character building.Meaning: I like to see different views of things, or better put another way to look at things. The following website has some pretty neat info on the way we all think about business and how some are stuck in the "natural" way of thinking, instead of outside the box.
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