Is anyone looking to expand their opportunities?

Lee HLee H Richmond Vasubscriber Posts: 5 Member

Me and my wife were introduced to a couple that retired at 27 and 37 years of age and are now mentoring us to be financially independent in 5 years. They introduced us to passive income which we were never taught in school or by our peers. It’s a way to build assets in our free time as long as we were willing to be open for coaching and leadership. It has definitely changed our life in multiple ways. It’s not easy but is worth every bit of the work.

Lee H


  • RuskinRuskin subscriber Posts: 79 Silver Level Member

    Hey your ideas seem to you have appeared in Rich Dad, Poor Dad. There is so much credibility in what you say.

    I want to know what those couple did for a living?

    Did they have a business for themselves or they worked as employees for a MNC, perhaps?

    I would have to follow their style of operating at a profession.

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