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New to all of this online stuff and need some advise, please read...

Joseph LJoseph L subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Hi guys, There are so many programs that claim to be legit and make you money etc, but the problem with just about all of them, you have to promote a link and try to get others to buy. I have found that this is very hard as nobody wants to buy anything.

So I came across this guy that talks about having the right mind set and it makes a lot of sense as I'm into "manifestation" and know that it works. They have a seminar that is starting I think later today that shows you how this lady who is also a new marketer has earned a lot from clickbank. She is going to show us how she did it step by step. Obviously the strategies work but it takes a lot of time and posting, ricks of being flagged for spam etc. So in that case, they are offering a to do it for you at a special price that is guaranteed to make you sales or they will refund your money.

It is free to join, I'm going to join and just see what she has to say and I may go for the done for you instead of trying to promote myself, what would you recommend? I'm really looking for something to work for me! I'm tired of the BS jobs out there. Here's that link yourmindyourfuture . com to read more about what all is covered.


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    TopFlightTopFlight subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

    Looks like another one of those...

    The internet is full of them - it is like a massive rash covering the world in get rich schemes where you can make a million dollars in 1 month. Or even 10 thousand dollars in 1 month.

    It's all smoke and mirrors.

    Why are these people promoting it so hard? Because they want you to buy their stuff so you can make them rich.

    Stop wasting your time. The only way to make an income is to build a proper business. Doesn't matter if it is online or offline. There is no difference. A business is a business.

    Getting rich through posting a few links or affiliate marketing is not going to get you rich.

    You will be lucky to make 5 bucks.

    Build a proper, real business with real products and deliver to your custmoers like all the successful businesses out their and you will make an income. Work hard and it might make you wealthy.

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    John-MentorJohn-Mentor subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    @Joseph L it is true what @TopFlight says. Internet is full of scams that promise you riches but end up breaking your back.

    What you need is a program that will facilitate what you are already doing or what you can start to do. I am tired of those programs that promise to bring money into your bank when you have done very little.

    However there are programs that facilitate you to digitize your business. Thus you leverage on the digital space available. They do not tell you to sell their products. Rather they give you an option if you want to ( but not a must). Their big focus being to make you succeed in your venture.

    You can get in touch if you would like to follow up.

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